Jiangxi Uniqmol Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
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About Us

Jiangxi Uniqmol Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.  established in Oct. 2003, is located in Shangganshan, Shanggao County, Jiangxi, China. With fixed assets of 14 million RMB, occupied floor area of 15,750 sq. meters and building area of 4,900 sq. meters, we are mainly engaged in the export of Rifaximim, Loxoprofen Sodium, Loxoprofen Acid, Tretinoin, Diosmin, Prothionamide, 4-bromomethyl phenyl propionic acid, S(+)ibuprofen and Methyclopentanone-2-Carboxylate, with an annual production value reaching 20 million RMB. 

We have sound rules and regulations system as well as perfect infrastructure. We invite experts from famous universities and research institutes to be our technical and quality advisors and supervisors, and our management team and inspection team are also highly qualified. 

We have special lab with complete range of testing instruments including liquid phase chromatograph, GC112A gas chromatograph, 1/10000 analytical balance and UV spectrometers etc.  

With the company premises being reasonably planned, we attach great importance to environment protection, and do our utmost to build a garden-like enterprise in the 21st century.

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